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Special Application Generators: Optimizing Performance for Critical Power Needs 


In today’s world, industries rely heavily on reliable power sources to ensure uninterrupted operations. However, certain critical applications demand more than what standard generators can provide. Industries such as stone crushers, where heavy loads and nonlinear power requirements are prevalent, or installations that necessitate heat exchanger systems, require specialized generators that can offer optimum performance and tailored solutions. This is where Multivista, a leading manufacturer of power source equipment, comes into play, offering customized generators to meet the unique needs of such applications. 

Customized Solutions for Critical Applications  

Multivista understands the diverse requirements of industries and the need for specialized power solutions. Their generators, specifically designed for stone crushers and other demanding applications, are engineered to deliver optimal performance, durability, and reliability. By collaborating with Kirloskar Oil Engines, Multivista ensures that their customers receive top-quality generators that excel in challenging environments. 

Enhanced Engine Performance 

For applications like stone crushers, where heavy loads and harsh operating conditions are common, standard gensets may fall short. To overcome these challenges, Multivista integrates modifications in the engine to optimize performance. Kirloskar Oil Engines, renowned for their robust engineering, deliver engines that are well-suited for heavy-duty applications. These engines are built to withstand high loads, provide superior torque, and ensure consistent power delivery, even in the most demanding scenarios. With these modifications, Multivista’s generators are equipped to handle the rigorous demands of stone crushers and similar operations. 

Tailored Alternators for Nonlinear Loads 

In many industries, nonlinear loads, such as those produced by variable frequency drives (VFDs), can cause instability and compromise the performance of standard generators. To address this issue, Multivista offers generators with specially designed alternators. These alternators are capable of handling the high levels of harmonics generated by nonlinear loads, ensuring stable and reliable power supply. By integrating advanced technology, Multivista’s generators maintain the required voltage and frequency, even under varying and unpredictable load conditions, thereby safeguarding critical operations.

Efficient Heat Exchanger Systems 

Certain applications, particularly those involving heat exchange processes, require generators with integrated heat exchanger systems. These systems play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperature levels for equipment, ensuring their longevity and performance. Multivista understands the significance of effective cooling in such scenarios and offers generators with efficient heat exchanger systems. These systems are meticulously designed to dissipate heat generated during the operation, safeguarding both the generator and the connected equipment. By preventing overheating, Multivista’s generators contribute to the seamless functioning of heat exchanger systems, enabling industries to operate smoothly without interruptions. 

Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) 

In environments with high harmonic content, the performance of standard automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) may be compromised. Multivista addresses this concern by incorporating specially designed AVRs that are capable of handling harmonic-rich environments. These advanced AVRs mitigate the adverse effects of harmonics on the generator’s output voltage, providing a stable and reliable power supply. With enhanced voltage regulation capabilities, Multivista’s generators ensure the safe and efficient operation of critical equipment, protecting them from potential damage caused by voltage fluctuations.  

Controllers for Safety and Protection

Multivista recognizes the importance of safety and protection in critical applications. Their generators are equipped with advanced control panels and controllers that offer higher safety levels and robust protection mechanisms. These controllers are designed to monitor critical parameters, detect faults, and initiate appropriate responses, ensuring the safety of both the generator and the connected equipment. With features such as fault diagnostics, automatic shutdown during emergencies, and comprehensive protection systems, Multivista’s generators provide reliable power while prioritizing the safety of the installation and personnel. 


In industries with demanding and critical applications, standard generators may not suffice. Multivista, in collaboration with Kirloskar Oil Engines, offers customized power solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of such applications. Whether it is stone crushers, nonlinear loads, heat exchanger systems, or harmonic-rich environments, Multivista’s generators excel in providing optimal performance, durability, and protection. With their commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, Multivista remains at the forefront of manufacturing power source equipment that empowers industries to operate seamlessly and reliably, even in the most challenging circumstances. 

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