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About Us

Reliable Partner for Trusted Solution

One Stop Solution for Industrial Products and Services

Multivista is a global business focusing on industrial distribution & services. With our customers’ best interests at the core of everything we do, we have built our success on a foundation of good relationships, values and business ethics. We pride ourselves in our commitment to consistent & superior quality, technology investments, sustainable manufacturing, building a team of best-in-class resources, and long-term partnerships with our vendors and customers.
We continue to deliver on our promise of quality solutions that create a sustainable competitive advantage along with strong value for our clients worldwide. Our business has grown multifold with new product line additions and geographic expansions and from strength to strength. The bed rock for this has been our long term & strategic association with Indian and international brands.


At Multivista, Our Mission is to be a formidable player in the diesel power generation business. By offering a complete Life-Cycle solution for the Generators we sell, we aim to secure a 10% market share by the year 2030.
As an organization we will focus on being a professionally managed and profitable organisation, with core values and ethics.


“To Power progress & Illuminate the future, for the people of Nigeria “

Our corporate philosophy has emerged from our core value system and beliefs.

“Opening new Vistas and Setting new standards”

Over the years we have forayed into multiple business including leather shoes manufacturing, ITes and e-Publishing and excited this business to focus on our core areas of Printing and Industrial Distribution. We have the DNA in us true our name to Open new Vistas in business. While we do this, we have always set new standards for us in each new business venture.

“Times Change. Values Remain.”

Time has been our ally and has allowed us to embrace change and adapt to evolving business environments. Over the years we have adapted to new technology, adopted to improved systems and processes, and served a continuously evolving changing expectation. While making these changes our core values and beliefs in long term business relationships, people centric practices and ethical business dealings has always remained the same.

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Diesel Generator Service
Our Values & Strengths

Our Promise

We made a simple promise that we will always be driven by our vision to exceed the expectations of our most valued assets – our customers, employees and business partners. And despite all the hurdles, do business, the right way.

01.We would pursue perfection in every one of our ventures,
02. We would add value to each of our practices and services,
03. We would delight our clientele,
04. We would, despite the hurdles, do business, the right way.


Customer commitment

We will always nurture long term relationships that enable us to exceed the expectations of our customers.


we will make the most Reliable product and provide outstanding after sales service support, that provides premium value to our customers.


We will uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions


we will work together as ONE TEAM, across all boundaries and hierarchy, to put our CUSTOMERS FIRST always.

Respect people

We will always value our people, will be inclusive towards local tradition and sentiments, will encourage our team’s development & suitably recognize their performance.

A will to Win

We will always exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business and always do things RIGHT.

Personal accountability

We will take personal accountability while delivering on our commitment.

Our Culture


We want you to take initiatives, we believe you can make a real difference – we trust your integrity and ability and we will support your efforts to deliver distinctive services.


We believe “safe is a way of living” At Multivista we believe in the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and those we serve.


We believe we are strong together. The Multivista way is to engage as a team – in working through challenges and projects. We work together as a company to identify the best solution “collective genius”, get them implemented and keep each other accountable for this.


We believe in operational excellence. We will work closely with our principal partners to enhance our capabilities to provide world class products. At Multivista we recognize, encourage and celebrate each other’s small daily wins – We achieve more by inspiring each other to become the best that we can be.
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