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10 ON 10

Experience 10x the Power and 10x the Benefit!

Multivista West Africa is elated to present the 10 year service promise* on
Kirloskar Diesel Genset to power the future of Nigeria 

Why to choose Kirloskar Diesel Generators

1. Reduced Cost – Cost-effective solution to your power requirements. 
2. Assured Quality – Kirloskar Diesel Generators are designed with unmatched features and immense benefits that are reliable 
3. Higher Reliability – Reliable Diesel Generators to power the future 
4. Improved Efficiency – Low Fuel consumption and Low maintenance cost in the increased uptime 
5. Fair & Transparent Scheme – Well-drafted service scheme to provide free service with no hidden cost  
6. 45 years of Enduring Partnership – Proven track record of providing quality and success with Kirloskar Diesel Generators 
7. 10 years of free service commitment – Get service guarantee for 10 years from Multivista West Africa Ltd. 
8. Prompt Service – Responsive and Timely Service by OEM trained Service Engineers 
9. Dedicated Customer Care – Exceptional Customer Care to get in touch and to resolve your query  
10. Peace of Mind – Keep your worries at bay as your power needs are in safe hands 

*terms & conditions apply

Why Multivista West Africa?

  • Authorised Partner for Kirloskar Diesel Generators in Nigeria 
  • Global Experience in handling installation & service 
  • OEM trained Service Engineers 
  • Genuine Spares & Service 
  • On time Scheduled Maintenance 
The 10-on-10 Promise: Unleashing Power with Kirloskar Diesel Generators
In an era where reliable power is the backbone of thriving businesses, Kirloskar Diesel Generators have emerged as a transformative solution. Ranging from 15 kVA to 1010 kVA, these generators…
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