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Reliable Power at Your Fingertips: 6 Key Considerations in Choosing a Backup Power Solution 

In today’s fast-paced world, where power outages can have significant consequences for both residential and commercial environments, having a reliable backup power source is crucial. When the main power grid fails, backup generators come to the rescue, providing uninterrupted power supply to keep essential systems running smoothly. Multivista, a leading provider of backup power solutions, understands the importance of reliable power sources and offers a range of options to meet the unique needs of homes, businesses, and commercial establishments. 

Block Loading Requirements: A key consideration when selecting a backup generator is understanding the block loading requirements. This refers to the maximum power demand that the generator must handle when all connected loads are operating simultaneously. A comprehensive load study should be conducted to assess the power requirements of our customers accurately. By analyzing the various appliances and systems that need backup power, we ensure that the selected generator can handle the block load effectively. 

Starting Requirements: Many appliances and machines, particularly those with motors and other inductive loads, require a surge of power during startup. These starting requirements must be taken into account when sizing a backup generator. Multivista recognizes the importance of providing sufficient power during startup to avoid any damage or malfunction. By considering the starting requirements of different loads, we ensure that the backup generator can handle the initial surge and maintain stable power supply throughout. 

Non-Linear Load Percentage: With the increasing use of electronic devices and equipment, the presence of non-linear loads in the power system has become common. Non-linear loads generate harmonics that can affect the performance of generators. Multivista understands the impact of non-linear loads on backup power sources and takes it into account during the selection process. By evaluating the percentage of non-linear load in the system, we recommend generators that can handle harmonic distortion effectively, ensuring reliable and stable power supply. 

Reactive Power Management: Efficient management of reactive power is essential for maintaining the stability and quality of power supply. Multivista recognizes the importance of reactive power management and offers solutions that address this requirement. By considering the reactive power needs of our customers’ systems, we select backup generators with suitable reactive power management capabilities. This ensures optimal power factor and minimizes the risk of voltage fluctuations and equipment damage. 


Load Study Approach: Multivista takes a comprehensive approach to sizing backup generators for our customers. Our Load study involves a detailed assessment of the power requirements and usage patterns of the premises. By analyzing the connected loads, their starting characteristics, non-linear load percentage, and reactive power management needs, Multivista develops a clear understanding of the customer’s unique requirements. This in-depth evaluation allows them to recommend the most reliable and cost-effective backup power solution. 


Reliable and Cost-Effectiveness: Multivista prides itself on offering reliable and cost-effective backup power solutions. With our expertise in the field and a wide range of generator options, we can tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of residential, business, and commercial customers. By selecting generators that align with the block loading, starting requirements, non-linear load characteristics, and reactive power management needs, Multivista ensures uninterrupted power supply, giving customers peace of mind during unexpected outages. 

Contact Multivista for a Hassle-Free Experience. When it comes to selecting the right backup generator for your home, business, or commercial establishment, Multivista is the go-to company. By leveraging our expertise and conducting comprehensive load studies, we provide customized solutions that are reliable and cost-effective. With Multivista, customers can simply contact them and relax, knowing that their backup power needs are in capable hands. 

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